Web Design

Each individual business has its own specific services, products, and mission. The main purpose of a website is to provide a unified source of information relating to your firm as well as to promote and enhance your business.

By clearly identifying your business’ position within the market and pinpointing your objectives as well as your strategy, LumenUp will develop a website that represents the very best of your company. Your brand will be defined by the harmonious implementation of site structure, colors, fonts, and graphics all rolled into one. This will greatly affect how your company is perceived on the internet (including any type of mobile device) and will enhance your image.

LumenUp specializes in creating esthetically pleasing, usable, accessible, and professional websites that are always balanced with practicality. We implement the latest W3C standardization guidelines, creating user-friendly websites and semantic XHTML-CSS.

The following are some of the web design services we provide:

  • Web design centered on user and client experiences (user experience).
  • Analysis of usability and user satisfaction.
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Development XHTML + CSS (SEO)
  • Website monthly maintenance + continuous Improvement
  • Advice on graphic design and HTML Markup
  • Outsourcing in Web and Graphic Design