Marketing and Advertising Strategy

Once a website is ready to be launched, it is necessary to establish a web strategy to measure the effectiveness of the site. Additionally, a web strategy is essential in order to identify the activities and functions that help to achieve the objectives for which the site was developed.

Even though the life-cycle of a launched website is infinite, it is made up of several stages, each one involving specific objectives. These objectives are determined by customer and visitor feedback, by monitoring reports, and by new business needs that emerge along the way.

Considering this premise, it can be said that a web site is not static, but evolving. For internet sites to meet the incessant new demands of technology and of customers, constant change and evolvement are crucial.

The following are some of the marketing and strategy services we offer:

  • Visitor monitoring and reporting.
  • Visitors’ segment analysis.
  • Establishment of objectives and metrics related to web site effectiveness.
  • Development of Internet advertising strategies.
  • Development of HTML animation mailings.
  • Launching mailing campaigns.
  • Implementing mobile messaging campaigns.